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 How to what/gain different special Ranks

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PostSubject: How to what/gain different special Ranks   Fri Jun 27, 2008 6:07 pm

I will add more.

Editors: editors edit peoples post when they speak horrible. To become one, you must have good grammar, not 100% but above 70%. You have to remind people to change or edit when they have bad grammar.


Advertising Team: These people advertise on other websites/blog/forum, etc. Don't advertise on websites/blogs or forum or etc until your this rank. If you advertise this site without being in the advertising team, there will be consequences, we don't want staff on other sites coming here. There is no requirement for being a advertiser.


Dominators rules the ranks below them.
You must treat with more respect.
They also get to access a special part of the forum.
To become a dominator you must be helper, once your a helper or a Advance, you can raise up once you post 200 more and has been a very helpful member

if you want to be a Advance member, (a person who has been on the site for a long time 3-4 months)
Then you must apply at the Applications and must have at least 350 post. You must treat them with respect because they are higher rank and they have been here longer.
To be a Helper you'll need to work very hard, posting quality posts, helping new people, being nice to everyone, and contributing to the site by making more people come. ( none of these are required, they just help your chance, don't donate just to be a mod )

If you have any further questions, click my name in the post and click send private message, ask me anything there and I'll help you out.

Anyways, Good luck on the forum, and remember, follow the rules and have fun
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How to what/gain different special Ranks
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