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 Rules For The Fourm

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PostSubject: Rules For The Fourm   Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:35 am

1. You must follow all of these rules or else

2. No spamming anywhere else except the spam forum
this means un-readable posts, excessive use of chat speak ( e.g. "u" "2" "lolzors" )

3. No racist/sexual comments
This is defiantly an important rule, no discrimination against other races.
You also may not make sexual comments towards any gender.

4. Treat others as you would like to be treated
If your sick of being called a noob, being teased etc, its because you provoked them, if you treat everyone nicely, you will be treated nicely back.

5. Double posting
You may not post two times in a row in any thread, other then in spam.

6. Back seat moderating
If someone has broken the rules, report it, don't go telling them off, thats the moderators job.

7. Spelling/Grammar/1337/Chat Speak
Try to spell good, if you make a mistake, thats fine, but don't leave out every second letter, also, don't 5p34k l1k3 +h15 411 +h3 +1m3.

8. 7. Adult content
No pornography, R rated contest or anything classified adult contest, as this site is not permitted to host such things.

9. Cheating
You may not cheat gg in any way, but also in other ways, spamming to get posts, using spam bots etc.

10. Multiple Accounts
You may not have more then one account, unless you have a staff members permission.

11. Harassment
You may not flame, tease, "bag", or harass any member, if we find you are doing this, and the victim is taking offense to it, you will be punished.

12. Capitals
You may make any post, or thread in entire capitals, if you want someones attention, simply make a thread, stating what you want. A simple "Come here bob" would be fine,even adding !!! would serve its purpose.

13. Begging
You may not beg for anything.
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Rules For The Fourm
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